Greek Mythology


Creatures that are half man, half beast are found in the legends of almost every culture on our planet. The closest we have to a general word that contains the meaning of half-human, half-beast hybrid is the therianthrope, which generally refers to a shifter—someone who is fully human for part of the time and fully animal for the other times.
Among the most prominent creatures, we can mention:
The centaur is a very ancient creature with a body formed by a head and torso of a man and the body of a horse from the waist down, with six limbs—two hands and four legs. The centaur is well known for its skill in controlling the lance and bow, but it can also defend itself very well with a shield and club. This being consists of a great strength highlighted by its animal parts.
Echidna, the monstrous nymph, is considered to be a direct descendant of Forcis and Ceto. She would be the mother of the most important monsters in Greek myths. It is said that she had the torso of a beautiful woman, but her eyes hid a fearsome dark color—a fierce aspect that was completed with the disconcerting body of a snake. The first reference to Echidna is found in the Greek mythology of Hesiod called Theogony, written probably at the end of the seventh and eighth centuries, B.C.
The Harpies were creatures with the body of a bird of prey and the face of a woman. They were also recognized as creatures with great colorful and spectacular plumage. At the beginning of their lives, they were the ones in charge of helping the souls go down to purgatory, and they were beautiful. After some time, they began to develop thr evil that characterizes them in mythology, turning them into a supernatural species. Being birds with very sharp and semi-folded claws and a belly from which filthy vapours sprang, they were always hungry and the sound they emitted was horrible. It stunned those who listened.
The Gorgon is a warrior woman with living hair full of snakes and a terrible petrifying look. Only three are known: Medusa, Esteno, and Euriale. These sisters, daughters of the marine deities Ceto and Forcis, formed one of the most powerful and ancient triads in known mythology. They had mental and physical powers and had the gift of healing.
In addition, they have wild boar tusks, bat wings, and a body covered with metal dragon scales. Their feet and hands are quite similar to claws, and their eyes can turn any being who looks at them to stone, even just for a brief moment.
The mermaids are hybrid geniuses that lived in the sea, near what is now Sicily. Their shape was that of a bird’s body with a woman’s face, so they did not have fins, but wings to be able to fly, although later they were taken as beings with a fish’s tail. One of their main characteristics was their voice, as they possessed an immense sweetness and musicality. Thanks to their gift, they attracted the boats of sailors, who were so enraptured with such beautiful music that they jumped off the boat to listen better, perishing in the waters.
The Minotaur is part bull, part man. Its name derives from the bull god, Minos, an important deity of the Minoan civilization of Crete. Its most famous appearance is in the Greek story of Theseus, who fought the Minotaur in the heart of the labyrinth to rescue Ariadne. The Minotaur as a legendary creature has been enduring, appearing in Dante’s Inferno and in modern fantasy fiction. Hell Boy, which first appeared in the 1993 comic books, is a modern version of the Minotaur. It could be argued that the character Beast from the Beauty and the Beast story is yet another version of the same myth.
Finally, the Satyr is a creature that is part goat, part man. Unlike many others, it is not dangerous. It is characterized as a hedonistic and scandalous creature dedicated to pleasure. Even today, to call someone a satyr is to imply that they are obsessed with physical pleasure.

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