The positive and negative traits of Aquarius

The Aquarius sign, which dates from 20th of January to 18th of February, is the 11th sign of the zodiac, and is represented by the ‘Water Bearer’, a symbol from the gods that nourishes the earth. Aquarius people are said to be independent, progressive, idealistic, unique and intelligent. Just like Gemini and Libra, the Aquarius elemental sign is the air, meaning that Aquarians, like air, do not have a particular shape and cannot be categorized. Being an Aquarius often implies that one is original and somewhat eccentric.

The Aquarius personality is difficult to define because of how variable the sign is. Aquarians, however, share some key characteristics; some of which are positive and others negative.

The positive traits of the Aquarius
1. Visionary
Aquarians are known for their ambitious vision for both the society and themselves. They are very possessive, seeking to bring about a positive change in the world, often by thinking of ways they can solve crises in the society. Although they sometimes have dogmatic beliefs, they can do whatever is possible to make the world better.

2. Intelligent
They are highly intelligent and analytical, always trying to find solutions to problems in society. They see possibility in almost all things which makes them very tolerant of other people’s viewpoints. They sometimes get distracted by their own thoughts, but they are the best people to look for when you need an unbiased, well researched solution to a problem.

3. Original
They are known for being innovative and thinking outside the box in projects and business solutions. Most of them are artistic and love to express themselves through art activities. They take pride in their ability to identify revolutionary ideas to make things, including society, better than they found them.

The negative traits of Aquarius
1. They are cold
Because of their pragmatic, less emotional, way of viewing issues, Aquarians can be seen as insensitive and cold. Their over-analyzing trait makes them detach from their surroundings, causing others to be uncomfortable around them.

2. Condescending
Their intelligence and deep thinking can sometimes result in condescension. Aquarians are often confident that their way of thinking is right, and others are wrong.

3. Too idealistic
Because of their visionary nature, Aquarians can sometimes be overly idealistic, often finding themselves believing that when something is not perfect it cannot work, which can result in depression, dissatisfaction and sometimes frustration when they do not attain standards which are sometimes impossible.

4. Unpredictable
The Aquarius sign is basically about change, mostly for the better, but this characteristic sometimes manifests as unpredictability. They are generally assumed to be emotionless, maybe because they tend to release their emotions in quick, sudden bursts. Temper is a characteristic of most Aquarians who are subjected to too much pressure in life.

Not all Aquarius characteristics apply to each person, so if you are an Aquarian, you should figure out the ones that apply to you in order to identify the best way to maximize your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. You can also list the causes that you are most passionate about and explore the possible ways that you can accomplish them.

Advice for the Aquarians

How to get along with Aquarians

Despite being slow at opening up emotionally to people, Aquarians are friendly and enjoy engaging in conversations. When befriending an Aquarius, it is best for them to first get comfortable around you. Aquarians are best engaged through the mind, so a discussion topic on a shared interest will do just fine. It is particularly important to acknowledge their need for personal time and independence.

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