Born between 21st May and 20th June, Geminis belong to the air element of the zodiac, with an astrological symbol represented by the celestial twins. Just like the sign, Geminis are known to be smart, sharp, and speedy- always thinking more than acting or feeling. They are the liveliest of the air sign gang; youthful, versatile, curious, and fun. In addition to being the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents writing, communication, and movement. People born under this sign mostly feel like they miss their other half and are thus always seeking new friends, colleagues, and mentors to connect with. Geminis’ versatile minds make them exciting and often inspiring company to be around.
The strengths and weaknesses of Gemini
The strengths
1. Adaptable- They are easygoing and adjustable, willing to try anything so they should not be dared. They gladly go along with any plan and are extremely flexible.
2. Outgoing- They are enthusiastically social, talkative, but not annoyingly chatty. They seldom have nothing to say and their conversations never get boring since they partake in deep conversations. They can easily strike up a conversation with a stranger.
3. Intelligent- They are inquisitive and love to read and learn. They are also clever and enjoy partaking in witty banter. You may want to think twice before debating with a Gemini.
The weaknesses
1. Indecisive- Because of their intelligence, Geminis are sometimes overly analytical, which may result in indecisiveness. They can also get nervous or anxious over making a decision, especially big decisions. Geminis also struggle with commitment.
2. Impulsive- Because of their high flexibility, Geminis are sometimes impulsive and can change their minds in a snap. This sometimes makes them do superficial things and make reckless decisions. Their impulsiveness can also make Geminis find it hard to accomplish their goals, as they easily lose focus and move on to something else.
3. Unreliable- Their impulsiveness and inability to commit can also make them flighty. They can cancel plans at the last minute. This is not out of being mean, they are just somewhat irresponsible. They try to avoid responsibilities and boring things at all costs.
4. Nosy- They always want to know everything about everyone, and are not good at keeping secrets.
Advice for Geminis
Not all the Gemini traits apply to every Gemini. However, if you are adaptable, you should try exploring new territories. If you are outgoing, go out and meet new people, maybe something good may come out of a conversation with a stranger. As a Gemini, you should use your wits to learn new skills and make yourself indispensable in the working environment. Indecisive Geminis should work on their decision-making skills, and the impulsive ones should make spending budgets and stick to them. Try finding excitement in something before you dismiss it as boring to avoid people tagging you as unreliable, and while you may want to know more about your friends, be careful what you ask to avoid being too nosy. Generally, you should learn to slow down, always try to calm your mind, and center yourself by practicing deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation.
How to get along with Gemini
Geminis are fun to be around, however, some of their characteristics may aggravate some people. So, to get along with a Gemini, always be prepared for some witty conversations, and when you have nothing to say, just ask relevant questions, since they are always happy to share their information. Accept that they may not be the most consistent persons around you and ignore any of their habits that seem immature to you instead of letting them bother you.

Published by Retirement and Dogs

I retired from the Defense Dept after over 30years. I serviced in the United States Army and was stationed at Ft Hood and Wildflecken, Germany.I live in Florida enjoying the hot weather and sunshine. I have two Shih tzu dogs Gg and Mason that spend their day trying to make me wish I was still working.A good aspect of retirement is being able to what I wanted to do instead of having to do. The what I wanted to do is write children’s books. I enjoy reading and gardening and many other activities.

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