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I am the author of “Aninoids” and it is my first book. I envision “Aniniods” to be one of four books. It is a young adult sci-fi to be enjoyed by teens to adults.

The first book “Aninoids” is what I call the teaser book. There are multiple storylines that you only get just enough to keep you wanting to read the second book. I don’t know why I named the book “Aninoids,” because it’s not just about the Aninoids. It has a main character that isn’t an Aninoids and it isn’t just about them. I would imagine it was because I liked the way it sounded, and though, it’s a word I made up, I’m going to try to get a brand going on it. Here’s a little about “Aninoids.”

The earth we live in is being showered with technology, which can be good and bad. The Voice, a being in outer space, sees “Aninoids” starting to evade earth. He knows he has to do something or there will be no Earth. The Voice finds a planet and gives it all of Earth’s qualities for earthlings to move. The Voice gives this planet no name except to call it New Earth, then controls who comes to the New Earth, and one of those families is the Dolla’s.

This was just the tip because I introduce you to a situation that, as a young adult or an adult, you can relate to. When you read the book, it will make you wonder about some of the characters. I wanted Aninoids to be intriguing and I hope I was able to do that by making you use your imagination as to what you believe will happen. It’s a sci-fi, so I had to make sure it had enough space and planet interest. The New Earth is being built from scratch. I wanted to have enough action while the building was going on. Let’s talk action, I wanted to give up plenty. I have a new superhero that I will be introducing in one of them; I’m excited about that. I’m going to periodically come here and blog about Aninoids and where I am in the next book. I hope you enjoy my book. I’ll be having some nice giveaways this soon.

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