Born between March 21st and April 19th, the Aries belong to the fire element of the zodiac, with an astrological symbol represented by the Ram constellation. Just like the sign, the Aries are known to be bold, brash, outspoken, passionate, adventurous, energetic, impulsive, dynamic, and likely to act before they think. In addition to being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is also ruled by planet Mars, which represents aggression, war and conflict.

The sign is also a symbol of how innocent and egocentric little children are.

The positive and negative traits of Aries:

The positive traits

1. Strong leadership- They are natural leaders, know how to take charge of others, and tend to be winners in their undertakings. They thrive in positions of power and don’t sit waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

2. High self-confidence- They are very confident, even in tight situations. They are independent with a strong opinion and are not commonly known for welcoming other people’s opinions and ideas. They prefer being pioneers and doing things their way instead of following others.

3. High positive energy- Being the first sign of the zodiac, they have a lot of positive energy. They are dynamic and energetic since they belong to the fire symbol ruled by Mars. They have high enthusiasm and optimism even in tight situations. They do not dwell on the losses of unwanted situations, but rather come up with alternative plans of execution. They focus on their goals and try to overcome any challenges that come their way.

4. They are brave- They are ultra-resilient, strong, and among the bravest signs of the zodiac. They rise to the challenge and are known for taking up issues head-on, without being afraid of the risks.

5. They are creative- Aries always find alternative ways of doing things, which means that they struggle with tasks that are dull and repetitive.

The negative traits

1. They are selfish- They have a high concern for self-advancement, and when it comes to winning, they can get up to anything that comes their way. They can put in extra effort and pull all the strings they can to achieve their desired goals. They are sometimes insensitive to other people’s emotions because they feel they are more knowledgeable and capable than those around them.

2. Attention seeking- Aries actually demand attention and would easily get irritated when they do not get it. They always want to be the center of attention, to do things better than others, sometimes at the expense of their relationships and work-life balance.

3. Anger- They are short-tempered and are mostly unable to deal with it.

4. Impatient- They want everything at the very moment of their desire, and are unable to keep calm and wait. They are easily bored with monotony switching to other things so they tend to leave things unfinished.

5. Impulsive- They tend to make quick decisions without proper analysis, and sometimes regret them later.

Advice for the Aries:

As an Aries, you should learn to control your temperament and develop patience and analytical skills. You should lower your self-confidence and try to compliment other people and also listen to their opinions.  You should not be too proud to request for help since teamwork is important, and stop taking for granted what others do for you.

How to get along with Aries:

To build successful relationships with Aries, you should show them trust and support to eliminate their feelings of insecurity, but at the same time give them the freedom of satisfying their desire for independence. It is also important not to keep them waiting, and support them to achieve their goals. Lastly, give them space to calm down when angry, and never waste time on complaints.

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